SCAREMAKER - "Grim Reaping" MCD/Fan Club Package

Image of SCAREMAKER - "Grim Reaping" MCD/Fan Club Package


Join the Tomb of the Scaremaker fan club and get these frightful, fiendish goods! Become the coolest zombie on your block by ordering now! Here's what you get...

-SCAREMAKER "Grim Reaping" MCD (25 minute mini-CD with 3 brand NEW songs recorded exclusively for the fan club! also includes the 3 song "Burning Inquisition" demo tracks along with 3 bonus horror instrumental/soundtrack style tracks! This is the first release on Razorback's sub-label, HEXAMORPHOSIS PRODUCTIONS!
- SCAREMAKER 11 x 17 sized full-color poster of "What Evil Have They Summoned..." album artwork!
- official TOMB OF THE SCAREMAKER membership card!
- sticker with exclusive art!
-band newsletter!